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Brooklyn quartet Little Women creates music whose aim is transcendence via brutally precise sonic assault and ascendant melodies, attacking written and improvised material with equal ferocity. The group's sound distilled from a broad range of influences that stretch from free jazz through math metal, punk rock, pop music, and harsh noise. Saxophonists Travis Laplante and Darius Jones breathe together as one multi-tongued exquisite beast reveling in higher harmonics, splitting overtones to create ghost notes. Together with guitarist Andrew Smiley and drummer Jason Nazary, they create intricate yet whiplash-bestowing riffs which morph on a dime into exploratory sub-groupings. There are also moments of quiet ringing-tone reflection on what has been wrought.

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“A speed-metal barrage of saxophones and uplifting climaxes reminding me of a modern-day Glenn Branca. Simplistic by design, yet horrifically complex by execution, Little Women’s combination of free jazz with the Brooklyn-inspired speed of Mick Barr and the brutal intensity of Coughs puts more feeling and saturation into every track than most bands’ entire discography. Additionally, the wall of sound is immediately palatable to the ears, leaving the mass in between confused and scared to death.”
SLUG Magazine

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